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Contact Exposure Frame

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Two-step high-speed Vacuum System

Two-step high-speed vacuum-exhausting system of contact exposure frame can make vacuum-exhausting operate from the center and spread all round, thus ensuring a 70% higher speed than average exposure frame. (Plate of any material is ready to expose within one minute)

Excellent Light Source (Ushio or Philip)

High quality reflection board with strong reflecting light, which is verified to be more than 86% uniformity. Good-quality violet light source, whose wavelength is 365-420NM, is three times the light intensity as average ones. High exposing quality and long time duration. Anti-electrostatic rubber cloth and block gine with strong air-tightness and durability.

Secondary Exposure System

Secondary exposure system can wipe out dirty spots and imprints of the block gine efficiently, thus reducing retouch work and raise the efficiency of work.

Oil Less Vacuum Pump

Best quality oil less vacuum pump runs noiselessly and lasts without maintenance.

Precision Integrating Light Meter

Accurate integrating light meter automatically detects the light intensity of the light source, so as to accurately keep the error range within 2% and eliminate the distortion of screen dots caused by the deterioration of lamps, instability of voltage, etc.

Easy Operation and Long Operation Life

The screen can display 5 sets of data. The CPU can store 99 sets of data. Enhanced steel frame processed by numerical control and thick film coating of electrostatic powder for ultra-long operation life. External joint factory inspection on the 0-100 step printing down to ensure 2% of halftone dots aren't lost and 98% are not mixed.



                    Contact Frame                                         Good Printing Down Quality


               Oil Less Vacuum Pump                                      Ushio Exposing Lamp


Double Exposure System      Germany Reflection Glass and Japanese Rubber Pad


           User Friendly Control Panel                                          Inside Board

122E 135E 180E
Exposing Area(mm) 960×1220 1060×1350 1500×1800
Light Source 3KW instant violet lamp
(5KW constant violet lamp is optional)
Vacuum System high speed dual-loop vacuum-exhausting system
Vacuum Degree 760mmHg (30inHg)
Exposure Uniformity 85%-95%
Vacuum Exhausting preliminary vacuum exhausting and major vacuum exhausting
Exposure major exposure and second exposure
Power Supply 220V 50/60HZ  25A  single phase 
Net Weight (kg) 270 320 385
Gross Weight(kg) 345 430 480
Reflection Glass(mm) 1348x1093x5 1597x1343x8 1990x1557x8
Rubber Pad(mm) 1348x1093x3 1597x1343x3 1990x1557x3
Pressure Shaft Bearing Limit(kg) 90 110 120
Machine Size(mm) 1570x1230x2280 1820x1480x2360 2210x1700x2480
Packing Size(mm) 1650x1450x1200 1900x1600x1200 2290x1820x1200