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Conventional Plate Processor

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Exquisite Design and Durable Material

Slant frame and durable PVC tank, acid and alkali proof. Corrosion-resist and anti-ageing rollers.

Precise Mitsubishi Control and Gear Driving System

Precise and reliable Mitsubishi PLC control panel. The main driving system lies in the left side of the plate processor. Gear driving assures of smooth driving and easy maintenance.

Water and Power Saving

Environmental-friendly washing mode - inner circle washing mode and tap water washing mode for option.

Submersion Developing and Automatic Process

Submersion developing structure ensures sufficient development. Automatic gumming, washing and gum recycle.

Rewash and Reverse Function

Rewash function makes it easy to wash and gum after revision of the plate. The reverse function eliminates plate jam and makes it easy to make emergency operation.

User Friendly and Easy Operation and Maintenance

The bearing seat is easy to be discharge for maintenance of roller to ensure durability. Compatible with automatic stacker and filtration system. 



      Driving System and Main Motor                               Wash Cycling System


    Submersion Developing Structure                  Superior Quality Gear and Roller


             Wire and Electronic Parts                                          Control Panel

90PC 105PC 120PC
Material positive and negative conventional PS plate
Capability 400-1400mm/min
Width of Plate 900mm 1050mm 1200mm
Depth of Plate 0.15-0.4mm
Tank Content, dev 24L 35L 40L
Tank Content, wash 12L 15L 18L
Developing Temperature 18-40 degree C (cooling system is optional)
Drying Temperature 35-60 degree C
Developing Time 15-40sec (from the inlet of plate to the outlet of plate)
Water Source tap water, Min. water pressure 1 bar/15psi
Water Consumption tap water  7L/min
Circulating water 200ml per square meter
Diameter of Roller 40mm
Diameter of Brush 40mm
Speed of Brush 90rpm
Developing Replenishment 0-250ml per square meter
Developing Warm-up Time from 18 to 40 degree C within 30min
Level Adjustment adjustable
Power Supply 50-60Hz  220V single phase 25A
Power 3KW
Voltage Fluctuating Range within 10%
Gross Weight 220kg 300kg 400kg
Net Weight 170kg 255kg 350kg
Packing Size(mm) 1600×1500×550 1800×1700×750 2000×1950×950